i am in need of a new amp, but i do not know what amp is best for me. i own a fender fm 212r solid state and it seems no good. i play a fender jaguar HH, and a ESP viper-400. im looking for something similar to Black sabbath,nirvana,GnR sounding. and my price range is $500-700.

what should i get?
check out the bugera 333XL combo. Its a tube amp but sounds really good for the good rocky typensound like you want
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A Peavey Classic 30 is worth looking at.


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http://cleveland.craigslist.org/msg/923832328.html 30 watt marshall tube amp with cab, $690. Not sure what model that is though, maybe a marshall-phile will recognize it.
There are some other interesting amps near you on this page as well.
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ive got a marshall avt 50, its a valve amp and sounds great for rock!

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+1 to the Classic 30, also take a look at the Traynor YCV
im curiouse how a mesa/boogie amp would sound. i heard lots of good things about them. should they be worth looking at and what type of sound they have? im just looking for a amp loud enough to have jam practices and just a good sound. thanks for the replies so far.
well, to get imo a good tone from a Mesa, you do have to crank it...and when you do, it sounds pretty amazing. That said take a look at the Mesa f-30