I'm in the market for a good 2x12 to pair with a Peavey 5150 head. I play Rhythm in a Metal/MeloDeath band and need a very heavy and thick tone. I basically have 2 options that I like so far:

a used Mesa Boogie Rect. 2x12 horiz. cab: $350, no shipping (local)

new Avatar G212H Custom 2x12 cab: $380 (including shipping)

I can get both cabs with 2 V30s which is what I want, so really the only question is the type of wood used, I know about speakers but not about what wood does what for your tone.

Can anyone help me out?

EDIT: I have the option of putting Hellatone 60's in the Avatar for the same price as the V30's, I know they are basically broken in V30's so I dont see why I WOULDNT get the Hellatone version, I've also heard that the Hellatone's sound a bit better compared to V30's broken in the "standard" way.
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The Mesa is cheaper, much higher quality, the speakers are probably already broken in and it will sound better.
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Mesa. Avatar's are good quality if you're in the market for a new cab, but if you can get something like a Mesa cheaper then you definitely wanna go that route.