Ok...I came so close to gettin a wrmg.Then a truck hit me in my car and now its gonna cost like 800$ to fix!! But! Afterwards when I fix it I was really thinking do I need a 750$ guitar? I Dont play gigs,I dont really rock out extremly hard with the volume on 10+ I play with one or 2 friends every once and A bit but we are far from pro. I know the emg 81/85 pups are nice on the wrmg but...For What I do and dont do...Do i really need a guitar that nice? I could save 200 towards my car if i bought the wrxt. Now I know they are both nice but....I really need hep with this one.Thanks
i dunno, i have the WRMG, and it's pretty decent, i wasnt impressed by the X series though... they seem pretty raw
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EMGs will scream with the alder body. The DKMG/DXMG are both good alternatives, they are pretty much exactly the same only a different shape and avaliable in a variety of colors. If you want to save up for a car then the DXMG or WRXT are not sacarafices. They are excellent metal guitars in the real world. People dont make expensive guitars and expect the majority of people buy them. Most people have more affordable guitars. Go with the X Series IMO. Once you have the car maybe upgrade later on?
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...Go with the X Series IMO. Once you have the car maybe upgrade later on?

I agree with him!Go with the X series!If you're not that serious guitarist, it won't make much difference!
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Ok. And also what is a good all around guitar? I mean the x series is good for metal...Well i play like...everything.Rock,blues,metal,indie.And i was wondering if i have a guitar that is just for metal will it make all these other types of music i play sound like crap? If so whats a nice all around do it all guitar,If not....Wrxt here i come...In a month or so : /