I'm in a hardcore band (I don't even know which "brand" of hardcore we're using, as it's not the music I listen to, I simply enjoy playing with my friends [on our myspace we did once label ourselves as Scouse Electronic Deathcore, because we're from Liverpool, and have a synth, lol])

And when we started, we began writing in Drop B (B F# B E G# C#)

So last week at band practice (which I missed) the two guitarists, (I'm the bassist) decide to change our tuning to Drop C (C G C F A D) as we don't use thicker gauge strings (lazy and lacking money), so Drop C is half a tone up, meaning the strings are less slack for a similar sound (as the B string was too slack for one of the guitarists liking)

I'm not a fan of using drop C, or drop tunings in general (only stayed with B, cos it's low and cool). So I propose we use C standard instead, or 2-steps down (C F A# D# G C), as a standard tuning would be easier to use, and write for (as I and one of the guitarists are into Thrash, so most of what I write is in standard [and I wouldn't mind playng it a little lower] and if we played in a drop tuning it would be harder to work round) and as it would be easier for me and one other guitarist to write, we would have more of an input into the band, as write now, we only do about 40% of the work, with the other one guitarist doing the remaining 60.

I spoke to one of the guitarists about it (the one who woulod benefit form using 2-steps down, being easier for him to write in) and he agreed at first, only when I showed him a tab of our only song in two-steps down instead of drop C, he thought it was too complicated (really, having to do 022, instead of 000 for a power chord), let's just say he's not the greatest guitar player.

So even when I said if you just sit down and learn the new version (by just adding 2 to everything except the C string) he said we are fine as we are now, (even though he barely writes). I also find 2-steps down better, as it is lower (tha drop-C), and if we're being ****core music like we are, isn't it better to be lower, which was why we wenty for drop B in the first place.

So I was just wondering what you's all on here thought, as 2-steps down would be easier for us all to write in, and still achieve a low sound, whereas my friends argument for keeping drop-C is for his own convenience as he is lacking as a guitar player

what do ya's think?
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...and what does your singer think?

or even better what does the drummer recommend?
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If drop B was causing to little tension on strings, C standard will be even worse on all but the lowest string.
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drop B and C are basically the same, just the half step

why is he insisting on drop C?
tell him to get thicker strings lol
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drop tunings are good if you do a lot of really quick transitions between chords, as its easier to barre

it really depends on what you are playing...personally I prefer Drop C to C Standard as I like to do a lot of quick chord transitions, and in standard its far too sloppy

what does the bass player think, as he has to match tuning

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I tune down a whole Octave, for maximum br00t4l sound.

oh my god
thats br00t4lz 4z f***

*hardcore dances like a reject*
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E Standard
Drop D that's all you need
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The singer is not arsed, as is the drummer (not understanding how tuning and such works)

they know that low =br00tz

and to gwintersnamps, the tension was only slack in the bottom string (in drop B), so all the other strings are fine (the guitarist complained cos the B was fuzzing all over his fret board)

I have no idea why Drop C though, he think's it'll be good and doesn't to use drop B any more cos he hasn't got thicker gauge strings

& SquierLolz lol, how can we be brutal in standard and drop D? so we have to go low, if it was my choice we'd be doing Thrash Metal!

I only want to use C standard so it'll be easier for us to use, and still get the lower sounding stuff

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E Standard
Drop D that's all you need

not always true, usually a band will decide a tuning on what key the singer is most comfortable singing in. Different keys, different tunings, different tones, different moods etc etc

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