ive got a MIM ash tele that i love, but whenever i play my buddies MIA strat it feels "better", not a strat vs. tele thing cause we've got a MIM strat laying around the band house that is the same way, nice, but not that nice. its nothing i can put my finger on and say "thats why i like yours better" its just an overall feel.

so.. where should i start for trying to get this thing up into a higher league? bridge? tuners? pots/wiring? nut? fret job? where are the MIMs weakest points? like i said, i love the guitar, so buying a new one isnt really a consideration.
does it feel better or sound better? if it's sound then upgrade a pickup or two. if its feel, well, thats alot harder to upgrade...
feel just comes from the neck, some just feel really comfortable and free's up your hand...maybe since its a bolt on neck, get a new neck like his? just a suggestion
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it sounds different, not better, i wouldnt say worse. i mean, he's got a HSS 96 MIA strat with SD's in it, it sounds f-ing good. ive got a 2005 MIM telecaster. he's got me outmatched inthe pickups dept. but amps make half the tone anyways so playablility is more my focus than tone at this point.

and let me also note im nit-picking, cause mine plays like a dream, his just plays like a wet dream. i might upgrade the nut to a non-plastic one, and maybe try to get ahold of some MIA saddles for the bridge, then go from there. maybe do a fret leveling and readjust action. like i said its not anything i can easily say "thats it, thats why its better" but i just play this thing all the f-ing time now and im at the point in my band where i cant justify blowing money on a guitar that is marginally better than what i have if i can upgrade it.

so would saddles, tuners(his stays in tune better ive noticed), and a new nut be a good all at once purchase or do em in steps?