Alright, so I will be buying a new guitar soon, I've looked around, tested stuff out,

and have narrowed my decision down to to possible choices.

A Gibson SG Classic with P90 pickups.

Or a Fender American Standard Stratocaster.

I like both, and cannot choose between the two.

So I've decided that I'll choose based on two things that I've been unable to figure

out myself.

Which is more versatile?

Which is higher quality?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Strat is more versatile. but when buying an expensive guitar it should really come down to what you like the sound of best.
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Strat is more versatile, while the SG would be better if you're playing large amounts of hard rock/metal. And the Strat is a quality instrument, while the Gibson is just about the lowest quality one you can get (although I've never tried one, so I'm not sure how good it is).
That's what I was thinking about doing. Maybe put some texas special pickups in there


I just wanted to make sure that the Gibson is not higher quality or anything like that, if

they are about the same I'm gonna go Fender.
American strats are more versatile and have better QC than Gibsons under $1000, so Id go with that. I played a Gibson SG with P90s the other day in GC though, it was great too. Either one would be great, but go for the strat.
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more versatile than SG
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Definately the Strat
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I'm with DeltaFunk
I would pick the sg. But they are like my dream guitar, so I'm partial to them.
I actually think the SG will be more versatile, but the Fender will be a higher quality build. Overall, I'd go with go the Fender.
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