I have bought an american amp while I am on holiday over here in the states it's a peavy 15 watt so I was wondering what I have to do when I get home to make it work I think it may blow if I just plug it in. As the voltage is different would an english adapter do the job or could I just swap the cable at the back as it is just a standard cable.
You'll need some type of adaptor. It'll have to convert the 220v of Europe to the American 120v.
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I just asked the same thing in another thread. This was the response I got from one of our moderators.

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There is a voltage difference. US uses 120V, UK uses 240, Europe ranges from 220 to 240 IIRC.
Some amps have power transformers with multiple input taps, so you can select the voltage for your country (I think splawns have that, or at least it's an option). Otherwise you can use a cheap transformer. I've got one for my Marshall which was made in the UK, it was $30 I think.
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Okay but it's all the other way around mines American going to England :/