I've been getting bored with my current acoustic. Im ready to invest in a new acoustic guitar, but I need a cutaway. Im currently addicted to the Taylor 114ce Grand Auditorium Acoustic guitar. Its got pickups installed already, but im not sure how they sound yet.

Is $800 too much for this guitar? Is there something just as good that i can get for less? Let me know.
$800 too much... for a Taylor? nah. I'm not sure about that specific model, but most of Taylor's stuff is top-quality. Overpriced, but still top-quality
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It sounds nice, and it has Taylor quality, but for $800 on a solid-top only guitar, the only thing you will be paying for is the electronics and the Taylor name on the headstock. Check out Epiphone, Washburn, Alvarez, and Seagull in this price range. For $800 you should be able to get all-solid wood and electronics.
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It's a good guitar for sure, but I still do think it's overpriced by a bit. $800 is a bit much for only a solid top.
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