Ok so i saw a background musician playing at a concert what I thought was one of the most beautiful things ever. It was a white Gibson firebird with a reverse headstock and i just thought it was awesome. Ive only seen one in stores but i didnt want to ask to play it because knowing my luck id break it.

So, what are firebirds like? If i felt like investing in one, is it worth it, or should i just go with the les? How is this guitar overall? How does it play? Do you have one? Let me know, thanks.
I don't have one, but I've always wanted one. Firebirds had pickups designed solely for them, so they have a sound all to themselves. I love the looks, though. I can't give any opinion on owning one, but if you get one, that's awesome.
Modern Firebirds sound kind of like a lighter SG. Their bodies have more mass than an SG body (so they don't suffer from the neck dive SGs have) but their pickups are minihumbuckers which have a lighter, brighter sound than regular humbuckers. The sound isn't too dissimilar to those 'single coil sized humbuckers' you get or stacked P-90 pickups. Generally because of that and the body shape Firebirds aren't often used for lead playing, but they're very popular for rhythm playing as they can suit nearly any kind of music, the minihumbuckers are best suited to hard rock rhythm, and the body style is comfortable to have low-slung, a popular look when playing rhythm.
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