OK so im a huge Paul McCartney fan, but who do you think is a better bass player, Paul McCartney or John Entwistle (Im talking only about Beatles/The Who era).

I think if McCartney was solely a bass player, even halfway through the Beatles career he would blow John out of the water. But, being a singer most of the time its probably hard to really show off on bass. So, what do you guys think?
Entwistle has got him beat by a long shot.

And no VS threads.
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I'm guessing this will get closed, possibly before I even finish typing this, but I think McCartney is a superb MUSICIAN. Absolutely amazing musicianship in all of the Beatles really. But as bass playing is concerned? Entwhistle is several million times better than Pauline.
Paul is a much better melodic writer. Good bass tends to not stand out, just fits perfect like its not even there, sorry but its true.
Entwistle had speed, he had melody, he had tone and he had hilarious songs like My Wife. Advantage, Ox.
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