Does anyone know any good rock/blues songs in C Minor?
For example Since I've Been Lovin You and Tea for One by Led Zeppelin.
Looking for any nice songs for guitar from any band in this key.
Thanks guys!
A lot of QOTSA stuff is tuned down to C and played in that E transposed.

Also, Anna Molly - Incubus.
crosstown traffic by hendrix is the in the c minor blues scale?
lincon highway dubb
Bohemien Rhapsody- Queen

The entire Allegiance album by as blood runs black.

any band that uses drop C probably plays in C minor
ZZ Top - Give Me All Your Lovin
Uriah Heep - July Morning
Rory Gallagher - Kid Gloves
Robin Trower - Too Rolling Stoned
Those I know are in C minor pentatonic and fun to ad lib solos.
Santana - Europa
Radiohead - Paranoid android

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