Well i have a cheap strat rip off and a Jackson RR3(EMG's will soon replace duncan detonator pickups)

I have saved alot of money from my jobs and being a tramp and starving lol
Which Guitar should i get? or consider getting?

I play mostly neo-classical(malmsteen, gilbert etc...) alot of old skool bay area thrash, and technical death metal(Necrophagist, Death etc..) and other stuff i.e children of bodom, fintroll, ensifeirum, kalmah, norther

These are the guitars that are my fav so far

Esp SV White - £1000 fine ass guitar and great tone

Ibanez Xpt-700 - £450 good neck, good tone, cheap but i dont like the colors

ESP M-1000 - £500 great tone but its a super strat shape : /

anyone got reccomendations? MAX budget £800 .i can get people to lower their price if i buy a guitar face to face instead of over the net

looks to me like you've got it figured out already. Go for the SV if you can get the price down to your budget, otherwise save up till you can get the guitar you're 100% happy with.

Don't settle.