i bought the squier stop dreaming start playing starter pack about a year ago and im looking to buy a shcecter from a friend and wanting to sell my squier strat. its a sunburst se special strat with three single coil pickups, a 5 way selector switch, three tuning knobs, a rosewood fretboard, and a tremolo arm. it has maybe two dents that are very small and unnoticable. Could anyone tell me how much they think the guitar itself is worth? the original price for the guitar, amp, gig bag, stand, etc was $200 but im only planning on selling the guitar...
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I'm not sure, but I've seen a Squire Fat Strat go for £189 new, so maybe about £100...

I take it by "three tuning knobs" you mean the tone/volume controls?
Oops, you're working in dollars...

That would mean the one i saw went for about $284
So if you got £100 for it would work out at about $150...so I'd expect it to be worth a bit less then.

Sorry, that probably wasn't very helpful
you're in the same situation as me man, it's not a bad guitar but nobody will really want it. I'd sell it for maybe $85?
i'm trying to sell mine and that's the best offer i've had.
on craigslist they usually go for somewhere just under 100$

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I'd say about £80. £100 if it was in good condition. You might actually be better off selling each item individually rather than a pack. Usually when you buy bundles you're paying less for each item, than if you were to buy each one individually.

Check ebay, amazon and craigslist for price comparisons.
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100 bucks at the most
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Yeah about 100 is the best your gonna get I sold my starter guitar for like $60 and I had like 5 people that wanted it
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or you could pimp it and you'd have two guitars. that's infinitely more awesome ^^
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For the money you would get out of it might as well just keep it. You could only sale it for $75 - $100.
I'm looking on selling my Squier SE-100 for around $100 AUD (1AUD = 68 US cents) but I doubt if I could get that much. Probably around 80 AUD from a 2nd hand shop. Maybe try use it as a trade-in on a new guitar or amp?
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