Im redoing my guitar pretty soon and i cant seem to find the parts i want. Please Help. I want some green pickups that sound good for metal, grindcore,etc 2 green control knobs and possibly green strings.
you should be able to find the strings (maybe im wrong) but i have heard that they make red, blue, and black. idk about green but look around.

Seymour Duncan has some pups that are green. if worse comes to worse, buy some humbucker covers and paint them green?
swineshead pickups = any colour you want
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dimarzio makes most of their pickups in green
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Dimarzio makes green pickups. DR makes strings in different colors.
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swineshead pickups = any colour you want

the venom and warthog are fine metal pups
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DiMarzio D Activator in green?
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go dimarzio for this one.

they make em in any color
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Dimarzio makes green, although you can buy green pickup covers from most guitar part stores online...