So I'm here stateside for a few weeks, (I'm a U.S. Marine Infantryman stationed in Okinawa, Japan) and I met this AMAZING girl. She's one of the prettiest, sweetest, and smartest girls I have ever met. We started dating about 4 weeks ago, and I can really see myself with this girl in the future. The problem is, while I'm in Oki, it will be really hard to carry out duties while I'm always thinking about her. I don't think we've been commited long enough for her to move with me. So what should I do? Do I break up with her, try to keep a relationship with her? Rape? (Not an option)
Ray.. oh

erm i dunno dude.. talk to her about it?
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Relationship thread?

To help you out though, just take "a break", and send her pictures of your penis to keep her thinking of you.
I see the pit has an odd obsession with the penis. And the only pics I have of her a risque.
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My friends dad was station at Okinawa, Japan and when he left he brought back a Japanese woman and married her... her name's Kusima...

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I see the pit has an odd obsession with the penis. And the only pics I have of her a risque.

Not much different from Marines really.
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if you love the chick stay with her, if you relly love the chick ask her to come with you, i you just like getting ur dick wet, i here the asians are mighty tight:p