Hey, I was wondering who here plays a lot of thrash/death/etc. metal and uses a marshall head? I was looking into the jcm900's and the 2000, and I really like the tone that I've heard people on youtube get, and what I've heard from the people who use them live. What do you guys think about the metal tones you get from your Marshall, and about the quality of the amp, reliability, etc.?
I play everything really and my TSL100 nails it all. The only bad thing about my amp is the ****ing footswitch. Just bad quality
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Used to play in a hardcore band with a JCM2000TSL and 4x12 jcm900 cab.

Sounded savage.
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JCM800 + Overdrive = Thrash metal.
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JCM800 + Overdrive = Thrash metal.

Pretty much
kerry kings sig. head is a jcm800 with a built in boost
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I don't play metal but there are a lot of thrash bands that used Marshall. I know Slayer and Metallica used em. I believe Dave Mustaine uses a JVM these days too