I just got the peavey vyper 30 and I was trying to tune it using the amps chromatic tuner. I was wondering the tuner uses the lights found on the AMP button (also called Amp Encoder) and Effects button to indicate the tune of the string. Amp button lights have the notes listed on them and Effects lights show that if green light on left side means its a flat note and light on the right side is a sharp note. Here is how the manual has it:

"2 - Amp Encoder
Turn this knob to select your amp model. If the LIGHT IS RED you are on the HIGH GAIN CHANNEL, if the light is green you are on the low gain setting. Press and HOLD FOR 2 SECONDS to enter tuner mode. The LEDs around the Amp encoder will tell you what note you are tuning (Or closest to). At the same time the LEDs around Effects encoder (Item 3) will indicate whether the note is sharp or flat. If the green LED is to the RIGHT of the 12:00 position you are SHARP (Tune down). If the green LED is to the LEFT of the 12:00 position you are FLAT (Tune up). When ALL of the LEDs AROUND THE EFFECTS encoder come on, you are IN TUNE!"

So what I am trying to do is tuning my Fender Start (got it straight from the factor, love it) and I what to set it to E flat. Now my question is the vyper 30 has notes that are A, A#, D, D#, E, C, C#, etc... so where should the lights be? Do I do E flat for the first and 6th strings, A flat for the 5th, D flat from the 4th and so on?
6th String: E flat=D Sharp on amp
5th String: A Flat =G sharp on amp
4th String: D flat = C sharp on amp
3rd: G Flat = F sharp on amp
2nd: B flat=A sharp on amp
1st: E flat = D sharp on amp