hey all im customizing my new dean black gold z im changing the pickups. I'm thinking about going with a dimarzio evolution or drop sonic 7 in bridge, and i have no clue about neck.

Blackouts are in the picture too. What do you guys think? I play alot of thrash death tech metalcore music.

Thanks for all the input!!!
he means Bare Knuckle
They're awesome
Might be expensive for you 'cos your out of UK though..
My band
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Bareknuckle Nail Bombs or Warpigs , the best pickups money can buy.
About 200$ a pop , but they are hand made and the guys that make them are incredibly nice.
They'll email you , ask you if they are performing as expected , if you have any problems , so overall great customer service and insane sound.
Worth it if you wanna have the best of the best and are in a band.
If you just play at home , then I'd sugest the SD Invader or a DimMarzio super distortion.
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in a band and need the best possible, thanks for everyones input!
im not just into punk....... im into punk rock!!!!!!
alright between nailbombs or war pigs which one do you guys think?
im not just into punk....... im into punk rock!!!!!!