I need to find a

1) Hollowbody (Bigger than a Epiphone Dot etc. etc.)
2) Plays well
3) Overall good tone, nice sustain
4) For blues, jazz, and fingerpicking
5) < $600

It's for my dad, for his birthday/Christmas.

It'll be played through a Vox AC15 if that helps.

Also, I'll be going to a pretty nice guitar store this weekend, so I will be able to test these out.

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Epiphone Casino?
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Umm.... It's kinda hard to find a good hollow body for less than 400... Maybe look for a used Gretsch?
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i got an ibanez artcore. Beautiful finish, but it's only in white now, i got mine in Candy apple red (litmd. time offer, etc.) i think the model is AFG75TDG or somthing like that. Pretty good tone plugged in. It's got a pretty fat neck, fatter than my acoustic, but slick as butter.I know its preference, but it feels good in my hand.

The thickness of hollowbodies always made me think "This is a man's guitar." lol.

Only thing is its got like IDC Pups in it which i have never heard of and is made of some kindve maple alternative i think, called cordia.

It is 450 tho =\
if it's for your dad you might be able to get a sibling/relative to help out on the money if they aren't already, but either way that is rad of you.
i would say a gretsch would be the cheapest/nicest hollowbody for the money, i prefer them to epiphones, but i have not tried an artcore
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Well you can find used Artcores in a couple different finishes used for around $350.
I just bought a blue AFS75T for around $350 w/free shipping. So that would fit your range.

Idk if mines yet, but either way I get it in a week.
Okay, I've raised the budget a bit.

I've been looking at Ibanez Artcore's, they look like it may be what I'm after. My dad has actually played one before, and said he liked it, so I may be checkin' those out pretty thoroughly....

Also: What about Gretsch Electromatic's? Maybe an Epiphone Dot Archtop?
I thought you wanted a hollowbody, not a semihollow. Gretsch Electromatics are a little nicer than Ibanez ones, but they're a different sound... Gretsches are a little more solid and have Bigsby tailpieces, which are good, but their pickups are much brighter, and in my experience the sustain is worse. If you want a jazz sound, you're actually better off with the Ibanez, especially if you swap out the pups to something a little nicer. But the Gretsch can be great for jazz as well, which is of course mostly still in the amp and the fingers. If you also want to check out semihollows, I highly recommend the Ibanez AS73 (I think). I played one recently and was blown the **** away. It's miles ahead of the full-hollow Ibanez and I'd buy it over any other hollowbody under $1000.
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Tell you the truth, I'm looking more for a blues sound, but also the ability for a nice jazzier tone is a big plus.