What else do I need for recording??? I have an SM57, a computer with an Audigy Sound Blaster, Nero Wav Editor, and Audacity. Do I need anything else, if so what??? Will this get me good demo recordings for Progressive Metal guitar???
Isolation room, mixers, protools, lots of foam and the list goes on... What exactly are you looking for? I can name off hundreds of things and wrap up close to a million dollars worth of equipment....
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Using a sound card as your interface is not going to sound as good as some sort of USB or Firewire preamp and Analog-to-digital unit.
Something like this:


Im sorry, I know nothing about this stuff. Whats an interface, whats a USB preamp, and whats an Analog-to-digital unit????
Well, "audio interface" is just a general term for things that get the signal onto your computer. It takes an analog signal (like the one from a guitar or microphone) and turns it into digital information that can be held on your computer.

A preamp is something that boosts the (tiny) signal from the microphone before it gets converted, or sent to a mixer, etc. I think if you just plugged the SM-57 straight into your PC the level would be super quiet, but I've never tried it.

That USB unit I linked to does both of those parts for you. It boosts the signal and then makes it digital and then sends it to your computer over USB. Since the conversion of analog to digital is done on the separate unit that's made for it, the quality will turn out better. PC Sound cards (even the decent Creative ones) aren't really made for that, they're more for putting out a signal for your speakers.