If a song is in standard tuning on a 7 string guitar how would tune a normal 6 string guitar to be able to play that song....if that is is possible

please and thank you
B standard, I guess. You wouldn't have the highest string, though.
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yeah, b tuning
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Okay, tuning to what was suggest above might result in ending up with a seriously messed up sound. Well, more to the point your strings might slack so bad they end up, not just occasionally hitting the fret board, but literally, on the fret board. Of course this depends on your gauge of string and if you are using a heavier gauge you can try it out. My advice though would be to transpose the song itself. Of course this is easier said than done. Perhaps you could use a software that'll transpose the original song by a perfect 4th so you can learn it by ear that way. I think there's a software tittled 'mp3 key shifter' to achieve that end. Or if you're using tabs ( which you shouldn't ) and are using guitar pro ( which you should in some cases ) use that to transpose it for you. But this is not a sure solution of course as you will probably end up running out of fret board on the higher notes. As Rusty Cooley once said " If you can't play, go buy yourself a 7-string....no, I'm kidding". Well, he wasn't kidding.
I used to tune my guitar like this for Korn songs ADGfad, skipping the middle string. I'd just play around not having the C string. I'd find a way to play what ever I could some were else on the strings I had, which generally ment I moved to the G or f sting to get the notes I needed.

For a standard tuning I'd do it like this: BEAgbe, again, skipping the middle D string.

Doing this gives me the low end of a 7 string but I still keep my high e string.
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Also if you tune down, you'll need some heavy strings. I used to keep a 6 string in B tuning with GHS Zakk Wylde boomers. Eventually bought a 7 string that a guy was selling though.