me asking for advice on this of all forums!
Here it is. I've finally found a lefty 12 string acoustic that is affordable! I can't believe it! It's a Tanglewood TW15/12 NS LH. Here's a link to the guitar at their site:


My question, is this a decently built guitar? I have no experience with Tanglewoods, and to be honest have never seen one up close in any of the music stores I've been in. I am interested in learning anything I can about this particular model. I would prefer a jumbo body size, but this would do for the time being.
I'm particularly interested in the fact that it's made from all solid woods. Yet it's got a great price tag to it, $674US(Euro=499).
So if anyone owns one or has any experience with them, feel free to post away.
All the Tanglewoods I've played have been decent sounding. Although, the paint job on the concert body 6 string I played last was a bit iffy. The paint ran onto the side of the fretboard a little. Seemed strange to me as I thought that the paint was put onto the guitar before the neck was attached.

The specs seem quite good on this guitar though. Bone saddle and nut. I don't even have that on my Martin.
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