Idk if this is the right section . But recently i feel like im going down with my playing. Usually i spend like hours on guitar , but these days it's like i pick it up mess around a bit playing random things and then i put the guitar back somewhere. I just dont kno what to play , when i try to learn songs i don't learn it full , i just find it to hard and give up. So im askin if any1 can give me suggestions on what should i do to get me the feelin back of playing alot. I have a friend who teaches me , so gettin a teacher not an option :S. Hope u understand and help
it takes practice. just learn an easy song with no solo and alot of power chords. then start working on open chords. watch youtube videos when you get stuck because they can help alot.
It's somthing you have to find within yourself. Listen to music that inspires you, play your favorite songs, learn some new scales/chords/riffs that get you excited. If you don't practice your skills will rust, there's no avoiding that. Try spending more time jamming with your friend/other guitarists. That always gets me going.
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