I need a new guitar, one that can provide a good vintage crunch while still nail those blusey tones too. I'm going to a shop to check some things out so what should I keep my eye out for?
Ibanez ART100 or 300. Just throwing that out there. G400's are great guitars too as mike stated.
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epiphone g-400
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Used G-400.
Honestly those thing hold up quite well through years of use.
The jack might be loose but that's incredibly easy to fix.
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gretsch has a decent lookin guitar for 400

its the gretsch electromatic pro jet

i havent got to play one yet but it seems pretty nice
Squire Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster? I heard lots of good things, heres a demo of it. I'm sure it could deliver what you want... maybe?

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Okay, when I goto the local music shop I'll be sure to check out a G400 or two, since they seem to be the wise choice here.