First post here, just looking for some help from more expierienced players. I am a novice myself playing for a little while now, recently bought a VoxDA5 practice amp for solo practice and such, however I am finding it difficult to get the tone I am looking for, especially because the controls on the Vox are not really what seems to be standard . I am really into newer punk/rock, eg Rise Against and I am trying to learn a couple of riffs of thiers but its frustrating not being able to nail the sound. The main issue im having is that when I give it some distortion I get a really muddy effect which just doesnt sound good as it drowns out the definition especcialy in faster parts.

If anyone has expierience with the amp and can help I would be very grateful! The amp basically can be changed to emulate styles of other larger amps, with 11 styles, clean, blues, higain,crunch and drive, with variations thereof. It also has quite alot of effects and individual gain, tone and master knobs. Im playing a strat if that helps. But yeah if anyone could help me out it would be a really wonderful help! Thanks alot guys.
I haven't played one in a while but I'll give it a try. ut it on the Drive setting. Set the drive at maybe 1-2 for a fairly trebly sound. Don't use a ****-ton of gain. Maybe try your neck pup?
try the UK modern with the tone knob all the way up and the gain at 1 or two oclock.

Bridge pup.

EDIR: sorry thats hi gain 1
What I've found is that the speaker it comes with sounds **** when doing the higher gain channels, when I run it through my blues junior it sounds awesome.