Hey everyone, think this is my first post on the forums here. I've been using UG for a loooong time but it had always had everything I wanted in the past.

I'm a big beatles fan and only today did I discover that George Harrison's son has a band which released its first album earlier this year. Guess it didn't get much attention because I could only find one tab by his band on UG. I think the main reason for this, is that the album wasn't released on cd (as far as i'm aware) and I couldn't find it on any torrent websites. I eventually found it available in the itunes store where I purchased the album for quite a cheap price.

Anyhow I really loved the album and I would really appreciate it if someone could tab some more of their songs.

The band is called Thenewno2 and the album is called You Are Here.

Interestingly the tab that is on UG is 'Choose What You're Watching' which does not appear on the album, I have no idea where the song came from, apparently it was released as a single. Odd.

Check them out on youtube if you haven't heard them!
I don't know how to put tabs, but I learned some of their songs...

Choose What You're Watching is

Em (on 7th fret) to Bm to A -- verse

Then "The way you're perceived is regal..." is G to E with an occasional F# before going back to G.
The bridge is Em to Bm to A with a ska feel, then back to the chorus which is G to E again.

Say is

simply D to G# (again, I can't tab stuff out so play around with that little solo riff, it's pretty easy)

Back to You is

F#, Eb, D, B
There is a part after "compromising a moral attitude" where it switches to F# E B

Then F#, Eb, D, B a bunch of times until...
after "oceans of misinformation" it goes to B D B (hold a while) D B (hold awhile)

Sorry I suck at this--I guess I can do a youtube video to explain, but if you listen to the songs while using my chords, you can figure it out pretty easy. I LOVE this band....