so ive been hella busy the past couple of months, our house is now up for sale, ive been dealing with a lot of school work, and lately there hasnt been much time for ms. six string and me to get some quality time together. if u haven't noticed, my build has come to a complete halt, partially due to my being busy.
so I actually picked her up today and started playing, but its not feeling right. everything is a little off. im in tune, but my tone doesnt sound the same as it used to and i dont know how to fix it. my playing doesnt feel the same. i just dont feel quite right playing. i really dont know what it is, but its like the guitar is a foreign object to me atm, although i can still play the same as i used to. its almost like i just dont want to play...i hope thats not the case. i love playing, and i love guitars, i hope i can fix this.

any suggestions? and i dont care if this is the wrong thread, im kinda desperate.
skepticism/stress maybe
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follow these 5 easy steps:
1. find a day that you're not busy at all.
2. get food and water around you. a lot of it.
3. play.
4. play some more.
5. sleep? **** that. keep playing.

it's going to take a while, but you just need a marathon. it always works for me after a while of not playing.
I know what you mean...If I can play for more than a few days, and try to come back, it sounds off. I know I'm in tune, and my settings are the same, it just doesn't sound the same...

I usually just jam a few songs I like, then improvise in a few of my favorite keys, and stop for the night..That way all I did was stuff I like doing, and can already do...

Whenever I feel back at home with the guitar, I'll start learning some new material.

Hope you can get back into it.
whew, k i was getting worried, usually doesnt take quite that long for replies :P
ok those all sound right. especially the stress part maybe. lots of reasons for stress and possible signs of stress i wont tell you here.
@slash: its a good thing xmas holidays are coming up, i wont be busy next week! i can try that.
@srv: ya i guess ill try that for 2nite.

thx a lot guys!