Would twenty be enough? This is our first gig so I'm not too sure.
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simple math helps you out here

20 x 4 = 80 minutes

+ ~10 minutes for talking (if you're the sort of band that does that)

90 minutes. An hour and a half. Good to go.
Can you post all of the songs you're playing there? List up to 30 so I can organize it for you in a really nice way. Remember, you'll always take 10-30 seconds between songs for little remarks, tuning, and pedals.

Edit: By the way... how did you get a 90 minute set for your FIRST GIG!?
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Yeah, for example if you play songs like Free Bird, (9 Min) Pull Me Under, (8 1/2 Min) or other long songs, then they will eat your time away. You also want to organize your songs in a certain fashion, as detailed in a sticky. I'll link it in an edit.

Edit: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=290962 Gives tips on how to organize first gig and other performances
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Like others say, depends on type of music you're playing and length of songs.

For average bar band playing covers, a typical 45-minute set would be 10-12 songs IIRC. So times that by 2 = 20-24 songs.
I agree with response number 1. If you're averaging a 4 minute song and play 20 songs, you should be good to go. Never hurts to have a few extra in case you need more, want to pull certain songs, etc.

Also, 90 minutes is definitely a long set for your first show. Good luck!
Time your rehearsel first
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Quote by xander307
Time your rehearsel first

x2. Always good to time everything from start to finish so you're not too far off come showtime.
To practice a set I recommend playing through your set as if you're at the show at a practice and timing it. It'll give you an idea of how long it actually turns out to be with whatever downtime you have between songs for tuning, switching instruments, talking, water, etc.
when you're about 3/4s through the gig, have one song that you can jam on forever, just like Deep Purples does.
Their 4 min album tracks are about 8-15 mins live.
Quote by zapparage
Would twenty be enough? This is our first gig so I'm not too sure.

If you are Edge of Sanity and want to play Crimson, then 20 is too many. Think about how long your songs are and do the simple math.
For my first gig I made 6 songs go for 45 minutes. Strange too as most of them were quite short and we were quick at changing stuff over an getting ready. I think it could be that we play at a slightly slower tempo even if we don't realise .
Have like 1 or 2 "back up" songs. You might get carried away talking about something, so leave them out first, and put it back in if you find out you haven't been talking at all.
always have extra songs. i've noticed a lot of bands when they get on stage tend to get pumped up and play their songs quicker, which leads to shorter songs. i'd have an extra 4-5 songs just to be safe.

metallica can run through 3 1/2 albums worth of material in 2 hours.