Okay, i know i said my dad said no about modding my guitar but maybe i can persuade him..... if not i can always bookmark this threa until he does...

Anyone got a suggestion on some really bluesy pick-ups for my stratocaster? Within reasonable price range.....im not going to put 80$ a piece pick-ups in.....

I mainly play delta blues for anyone who wondered.

I do some soling sometimes so maybe something a little twangy on the highs and mids.

Well i did som googlin' and found these

Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Flat™ SSL-4 http://www.seymourduncan.com/produc...uarter_pound_f/

Cool Rails™ for Strat SCR-1

I dont want a really hot sound.
my strat has a red fender lace sensor pickup in the neck and its BEAUTIFUL. sounds nice and bluesy like a humbucker with that sweet single coil singing...try it
since you're looking at seymour duncan, check out the Alnico II Pros as well. I have 3 in my strat and they're great.
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