Sorry if this is the wrong place for this but im looking for a good clean setting(like EQ wise). I have a 5150. Im looking for a good warm, not trebly, clean sound. If anyone knows any good clean settings, I'd appreciate it.
play on your rhythm pickup with the treble on like 4, mids high and a bass around 4-6.

give it a shot.

basically low treble, higher mids and medium bass on the rhythm/neck pickup.
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All amps are different, there isn't one universal setting for a particular tone. You just have to play around it. I would start with lower mids, though.
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i dont know about on a 5150, but on my amp i keep my eq flat and use the bright setting with my neck pickup. it gets the warmth of the neck pickup with out being muddy or too bassy, and it just sounds really full

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Basing this opinion on my 6505+, which is very similar, there really are no good clean settings on these things. Right now I'm using these: Pre 4 Bass 10 Treble 6 Mid 6 and then I dont believe you have resonance and presence, but I have them at 7 and 8 respectively. Its a fairly decent tone, but there is a whole lot left to be desired.
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