was just about to go to bed but i had a thought

I was wondering
as the lights went out
Mind games
I here me shout

The difference between
whats music and prose
A contenciouse issue
i think
Should things follow
a preset line
Rhyming to
the brink

As i pen the words i feel
Should o follow a form
Or should i rewrite
The usual stand
In escence be reborn

Time spent dreaming
thinking and feeling
trying to feel a tune
Wishing and feeling
whilst always dreaming
no one is immune

I was wondering
before i fall asleep
Who cares
dont think to deep

Why the difference
between music and prose
Not really much
i think
Both of them follow
an ordered line
A forced and
ordered link

My thoughts within laid for all
Set someway to rhym
Just to please
Too be read
Though will still be mine

I've spent my life dreaming
sometimes thinking and feeling
enjoying someones tune
My goal though
is forming my own
i hope i get there soon....

thanks for looking just wrote it and i havnt read it yet so it might be garbage but i have to go to bed so ill read it tommorrow.