This is a stupid question but do you have to tie your strings on when you string a acoustic or can you just string like a electric? Every time I tie them on they look kind of crappy. When I put them on normal it looks like a much better job.
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Classical or steel?
Eh. To me it doens't really matter. I tend to break strings less often when I tie them, and they stay in tune a little better, but I usually just run them though.

I only dabble in acoustic. Someone else might tell you to tie it, whatever floats your boat.
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To date, I've yet to see a steel string guitar that has strings without ball ends. It's the tension thing. There's so much more pull from the strings exerted on the bridge that those little ball ends really need to be there. How are you managing to tie steel strings onto your bridge? I would imagine it's a pain in the arse and is also totally pointless. If you've got a standard steel string guitar, then the bridge pins/ball end combo are what hold the strings in the bridge. If you've got a classical, then you shouldn't be putting steel strings on it, you should be using nylons. Those you will need to tie off, or buy specialized ball end ones, but those aren't necessary. So your question is rather confusing. What make/model guitar do you have?
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See, I thought he meant at the pegs....

At the pegs?
I can't begin to imagine how you would tie them there. Then again, what do you mean by tie?

This thread has reminded me my strings need changing, good thing its the holidays now hehe.
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I think he means tie like this...

For acoustic guitars, it's a little bit more stable if you tie it at the tuning pegs, but not by a lot. I've tried both ways. Usually, I just leave it and wind downwards because I'm lazy.
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I'm too impatient to tie, personally. I can't see it making a significant difference either.
Guess I didn't understand that you were asking about tying the strings off at the tuning posts and not at the bridge.