i have a marshall mg100 hdfx, biggest mistake of my life. i was wondering what distortion pedal would sound great on the clean setting of my amp. i kinda want more of a punk sounding distortion than a metal one. any suggestions would be great thanks
Try a BOSS OS-2 for a combination of overdrive and distortion.

Otherwise, a Digitech Grunge can do you good.
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Digitech hardwire tube overdrive.
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Try some pedals at a guitar store, they should have a massive wall of pedal boards to try out or just try some out on the same amp you have.

Personally, I thought I would prove everyone wrong a couple of years ago and bought a Spider 3 75w (its ****, ****ing waste of money) and learned that pedals dont cover up terrible tone to begin with. I would:
1) Sell the MG on craigslist (not ebay because of shipping plus the hassle unless you have sold before)
2) Buy a good amp that makes up for the MG being terrible, one that wont need a pedal unless you get a great clean amp with great pedal but thats for a different time and place to talk about. Sell that MG.
DO NOT get an overdrive. SS Amp + Overdrive = Tons of digital clipping
For punk I've heard good things about the Ibanez SM-7
Try a bunch out and see what you can do
Also can you sell the MG? You may get enough for something decent.
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Id have to say save your money and put it towards a new amp.

Im sure you can find a Valveking for 250 used somewhere, or a crate V18 for 100 bucks and then invest in an overdrive.

Right now i have to say dont waste your money, no number of pedals is ganna save you from the pure ****ty tone of an MG.

Distortions or OD's arent ganna help you much with that crapper.