My dad got me an early Christmas present - a pedalboard. It's the Gator Pedal Tote, and it comes with a power supple already installed. It uses velcro to attach pedals, and seems rather functionable and suited to my needs. There are a few problems, however, and I'm wondering if anyone here can help a Newb out:

All my pedals are plugged into the same power supply (Gator G-BUS-8) using the supplied cables for the 9v pedals. Only problem is this - all the cables are male/female. And my Turbo Rat (distortion) needs the male/male type which weren't included in the pedalboard. I figured the easy way to fix this was to just use a seperate adaptor (the plug that came with the pedal) for the Turbo Rat and plug both it and the Gator into the wall. So far, everything seems to work fine. My question is this - Is there any tone loss or complications from running pedals on a chain, but using an entirely different power source for one of them? (I hope I worded that right!)

I unscrewed the rubber feet on the bottom of the Turbo Rat (because they would interfere with the velcro uses to stick the pedal to the pedalboard) and then replaced the screws, as the screws don't go near any of the internal circuitry I thought this was OK. Hopefully it is, or tell me otherwise and I'll put the rubber feet back on the bloody thing.

BTW How strong is the velcro on these Gator Cases? Will it hold on to a Turbo Rat? (the thing is solid steel - heavy) while in an upright (storage) position?

I'd appreciate any replies,

-Major Bludd
some people would argue that the only tone loss would be running the pedals in a chain. not running one out of said chain.

other then that, you're fine, besides if YOU don't notice a tone loss, then it doesn't matter (or shouldn't matter to you , yet.. )