Hey guys, I've been recording and making music with my Line6 Pod XT LIVE, using software such as FL 8, Guitar Tracks Pro 3 and Sonar, and for my POD I use GEARBOX.
So aside from all this, I'm always putting up with buzz among other things. After recording with it for roughly 3 years or so now, I really want to move up to a more Studio sound recording. I'm more than happy with everything I have exept my POD. I
m just not getting that crisp sound I want, in all genres. Metal tones, clean tones, crunch tones..ect.. So for X-mas I'm looking for that step up.

I've come across M-Audio MobilePre USB Portable Audio Interface and M-Audio Fast Track Pro Mobile USB Audio/MIDI Interface


Few things I want to know. I really REALLY want to start using my Guitar Rig 3 software because of the sound, effects and overall quality it has. ( I didn't want the whole pedal board that was also offered).

I want to know, because I have no experience in Audio-interfaces and i've read only so much info on it last night getting an idea for them.
Would I basicly just, setup, plug my guitar into into one of the inputs, open guitar rig, route it to my auido interface and be able to get the tones GR3 offers, then also be able to record with it in either Sonar or Guitar Tracks Pro 3, with little to no latency and great sound quality?

I know its a wall-o-text to read, but I needed to explain in as much detail as possible because I really want to upgrade to something much better.
the riffs and recording forum has a subforum that you would get better, more well informed responses in. i would try and take it there.
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