Need a fast grindcore drummer for a experimental/grindcore band, influenced by bands such as Rotten Sound, Brutal Truth, **** The Facts, Napalm Death, The Berzerker, Terrorizer, Nasum.

You will be required to play fast.

This is purely a online project me and my guitarist friend, will be recording entirely through our own computers into fruity loops with our own gear and will be sending riffs back and fowards. I will also be handling vocal duties and lyric duties.

You will also need to have access to a computer of decent quality, recording equipment of a average level to start off with as we are only getting early demo recordings down to start off with. And finally you will need a hotmail address, along with fruity loops to record in.

This project is quite serious and hopefully it takes off. Most of all hopefully you love grind and the bands above listed. Lyrics will be based on political topics, etc so if you've also got the same views we will be chuffed!

(We will also be doing a brutal truth cover yet to be decided and a discharge cover and possibly 1 more just for fun.)

My Email is andypandy_84@hotmail.co.uk


Me and the guitarist will start writing guitar/bass parts after christmas. We may not necessarily be using FL.
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