I've come upon a dilemna.

I consistently switch between playing jazz picks for their control and ease in intricate picking, and then to regular picks for their easier hold.

Basically my problem is when it comes to more complicated phrases the jazz picks give me more control, but the picks aren't physically big enoguh for me to grip comfortably.
With regular picks it's the exact opposite where the pick really is a bit to bulky for me to use as well. Specially on pinches.

I use tortex piks for both around the same thickness.

My question is would Dunlop Sharp tortex be a reasonable medium between the two?
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Try some out and decide for yourself. Choice of pick is one of the most personal and individual parts of your setup.
I tried out the sharps.
Hate them personaly.
Sooo..... idk the word for it.

The again my friend always buy the sharps.
He prefers them over any pick ive shown him.

With picks its almost like buying a guitar, pretty much trial and error.