idk which forum this goes in but i was wondering what songs i should look up for some ukulele.
i made a thread like a week ago about which ukulele is good.
BTW did anybody ever see that Jake guy on youtube perform While My Guitar Gently Weeps. its awesome.
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That's actually what I was going to suggest
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I looked up "Im Yours" (forget who by), "What A Wonderful World", and "Brown Eyed Girl".

I wish I knew more that were more what I like... those ones are just so I know somthing to play on my uke. BTW Another popular song on the uke seems to be "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" but I will not resort to that, if anyone knows any others PLEASE post them!

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Check out Kate Micucci, she was in Scrubs few weeks ago. Kinda fun, folksy type player. Thought the 'Dear Deer' song was funny.