ok so i currently have a set of coil tap EMG-HZ's are they actuly good pick ups?

im looking to get something for my guitar after xmaz and thinking picks ups.

cheers james
Decide for yourself. There isn't "good" and "not good" in pickups, just what you like and what you don't. I suggest googling yourself up some sound samples.
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I have two guitars with EMG HZs and they sound pretty good to me and better than most stock pups in a lot of guitars I have owned.

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Passive EMGs suck.
Active EMGs rock.
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if those are the passive emgs then they suck
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I have them in my Schecter Damien and I like them a lot more then the actives. I think they are a bit more versatile. Might be a tad bit muddy in the neck, but you can easily fix that. (amp/pedal eq wise)
I have them and they're not terrible. I will eventually upgrade.
i have them in my jackson, they are decent. but if your getting a set of pups i woul dprobably go with 81-85 or dimarzios are amazing!
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