I really need to find a roller bridge for my 1968 SG Melody Maker. I basically rebuilt this guitar and decided to add a Bigsby instead of the Gibson tremolo. However, the only bridge that i could find where the posts were the right amount apart was a wraparound bridge. This sort of limits the Bigsby and sometimes acts wierd. PLEASE tell me if you know of a roller bridge that is the same width as a stopbar tailpiece or wraparound bridge.

PS -- Heres a picture of the type of bridge I'm looking for. Look at the bridge.

SG Bigsby with Roller Bridge
Thanks. I've seen that, but the problem is that the posts are too close together (73.82mm). I need them to be the wider, 81.43mm, or i will have to fill the existing holes, drill new ones, and somehow modify my pick guard. I appreciate your post, though.
I could, but that would also involve drilling some new holes in my pickguard, where i couldn't fill the old ones. But I'm not that into cosmetics , so if it comes to that i will. I was hoping not to have too do that, thought, b/c it looks in the picture like the posts are wide enough.
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There are some on there. Only a few of them though with over 3" post spacing. You may have to buy two bridges and take the roller saddles from one of them and put it into another with the proper post spacing. Might work...
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