Now now I just have plain tuning pegs, and I wanted to kinda fix up my guitar a little.

By no means do I plan to do pretty much any of this myself, but I was wondering if I could possibly replace my standard tuning pegs with Grovers?

Btw, I am not at all new to playing guitars, so don't call me a n00b or whatever, I am just a bit new to customizing them.
you can get grovers built for strats which work all turn the same way on the same side. if you get SG or LP tuners, the top three will turn the opposite way then the bottom three

grovers are not cheap, btw. [50-60 USD]
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And really, you are a n00b in customizing. If you are to scared to replace 6 tuners, well then its pretty much not hard to call you a n00b. Also you dont really want to pay a guy $100 for unscrewing 6 screws and take the tuners out of the holes and then put new tuners in through the holes and screw them in. Its a 5 minute job, no matter what your experience is