So tomorrow is the last day of school and to close the school before christmas my schools principle asked my band to play but my guitarist wont play?

Man I so wanted to play, I play bass.

If you think its lame playing in front of your school think

School=girls= loves musicians

does anyone else have a experience were they had to cancel a gig?
Cancelling is easy.
just don't expect to play there ever again.
unless your U2 or something.
Tell him to suck it up and play, because most high school bands don't get tons of oppurntunities to play shows, and beggers can't be choosers.

Unless you do play often, in which case, ignore my above post.
1. get up on stage
2. tell jokes
3. lulz?
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Once had a 2-hour gig in a place of some renown, but our drummer failed to appear. Luckily we had a grupie who could play drums with us, although we had to delay the show 30 mins for reconfiguring the drumset (He's a leftie)
Screw your guitarist, play his parts on bass and look twice as badass.
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School gigs=More ticket sales at other gigs you have to play. People will want to come to your other gigs which you have to sell tickets for if they see you, so it is a positive thing.

Though if I had to choose I would agree with him, playing at school=gay. Especially if you're in a metal/hardcore band, and people always end up being like, "WTF is that guy screaming about?"
I have no idea why he won't play.

we only found out today about it.

what happened was we played at the christmas concert and the crowd loves us so the principle wanted me and my friend to play tomorrow which I have wanted to do for a while.