What vox do you have because trying to break in new speakers in a cab way overrated in wattage may cause them not to break in, making them stiffen(?) and not function as well.

I've read this many times, never happened to me and yes it will work because for a full stack you need 2 8ohm cabs if im not mistaken (so it has 8 ohm input on the cab)
bump this, I got a blues jr. and have been wandering the same thing, if the 400w is way too much...but plan on using the cabs in the future for a bigger head
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i think the cab is 16ohm nd my vox ad50 is 8ohm
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Quote by ze monsta
I think it's 8 OHM, and has Vintage 30s I think.

It doesn't have vintage 30s, it has B52 speakers.
What's the point in getting a cab when you've got a combo?

But anyway, according to the comments on that it won't work as its only 4 or 16ohm...