Looks Are Only The Cover

Verse 1:

Fight against the trends
Be your own person
Live your life in your own shoes
Looks are a creative expression
Being the cover is only
Part of the book


Cause.... Everybody wants to feel some kind of love
Everyone wants to fit in
They all want to be the body of the book
But end up having a different cover

Verse 2:

Why Can’t We
go back to the days
where you only cared
about your family and friends
when you weren’t overrun by the media
take your stance on opinions

after you have read this can you please give me some feedback about this song
I like the message this song gets across...the chorus is very good. I think the second verse needs a little work though.
I think the relationship between the first verse and the second is weak so I got turned off. You either need to make the connection a little better with the chorus, or add a third verse. That's my opinion anyhow. Like the book analolgy, even if it is a bit trite.
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This might not be helpful, but to me both the theme and the primary metaphor are much too cliche to listen to. I wouldn't listen to a song about "just being yourself" at all unless there was some really nuanced angle to it. I wouldn't listen to a song about "not judging a book by its cover" unless, again, the metaphor was taken in some really bizzare or insightful direction.

My reccomendation (and of course this is just one man's opinion) is to start over with the book metaphor and start adapting it and playing with it. Get some really neat original spins on that. Once you have a good list of them then come back and try writing the song again.

If I wrote this (and I have written plenty of stuff like this) I'd just throw it away and start again--you can make this idea into something freash and interesting it'll just take some work. If this is too far out, let me know and I can give specific critique over the lines as you have written, but keep my suggestion in mind.
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a little weak in substance and over realiant on the book concept,

i loved this

Being the cover is only
Part of the book

definitely +1.
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