I am going to be getting a vintage Fender 1967 Vibro Champ Blackface in a trade. It's obviously not a metal amp I don't play metal too much anymore but still do sometimes and would like suggestions on a good distortion pedal that would let me play some black sabbath, metallica, or pantera. I also would like to get some ac/dc tones too.
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metal muff with top boost will work. nothing will turn it into a metal monster, but a metal muff will get you some great tones for practicing. maybe get a bad monkey too for acdc. although cranking it may get you the classic rock tones you want.
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Chea_man is the best.
I have a silverface vibro champ, and cranked it gets some good tones, definately not metal...on bridge pup, acceptable acdc, probably need an OD for 'thicker' tones like Zep, the who and that. great amps mate.
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Thanks, I think I'll probably end up getting the bad monkey or similar overdrive (no boss though) and metal muff. I'm not expecting a metal amp or anything lol. Should be a pretty nice setup.