i play .11's in drop d and i left the strings off overnight because i took them off to swap out the pups and there was no harm done.
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Yah unless you leave for weeks im sure there wont be to much to worry about. How come you only have one sting on?
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When storing your guitar you're actually supposed to take the strings off it... so it's actually better that your guitar doesn't have strings.
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^Yeah but you also adjust the truss rod so theres no tension when you store it.
It should be ok for a few days.
The neck wasn't made with strings on it, so it shouldn't hurt it to sit without them either. Seriously, companies stock replacement necks in warehouses all the time. Why should it hurt the guitar to sit without them?

There won't be any damage to the neck without strings
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I stored my Ibanez AS103BM for a few weeks without strings and it's perfectly fine. It may take the guitar a day or so to adjust to having strings on it again, but it won't get damaged by leaving the strings off.