So, I have a Roland Jc 50. I love it, the only thing though, it is a pretty old amp (circa 1980), and now when I have the bright switch turned on, whenever I hit certain notes, there is a distinct crackle that comes from the amp. Its only when the bright switch is on, so is this a problem with the speaker, or the amp. Is it something that needs to be cleaned, or something else. I really don't have that much money to take it to anybody, so what should I do UG, thanks in advance for your help.
Boy, that's a tough one. Solid state right? I suppose it could be the speaker. Can you try a different lead cable or possibly a different guitar? It might just be at the end of it's life. Let's hope not.

Nothing new right? No new pedals, change in environment, bad batteries in pedals, etc? I would put the amp on a different power outlet with nothing else and possibly a new cable, no pedals, and see if you can re-create it.
i never use bright switches. but i really have no idea. im sorry. i guess just take it to a tech and ask if he knows whats wring with it. If its too expensive, just dont use the bright switch, if you can afford the repair, go ahead with it.
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