I'm new to playing guitar & I'm having a hard time practicing. You see I work full time, I study part time and I have a girl. I can't drop any of them so I'm asking you guys to please help me get the best out of practicing even if it's only for a little bit say 30 minutes a day. I would really like to become a great player some day, to at least play for my honey. Please help me!
Something that my guitar teacher told me was, to take time that your not practicing and make it the time you do. Such as, if you ever watch T.V. just practice during commercial breaks or when your taking a break from studying go fool around with the guitar or teach your girlfriend how to play guitar, it reinforces the material you've learned
start with learning all of you chords, octaves, some finger picking/alt., maybe learn some cute songs... its a start
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Thanks guys. Any tips on helping me progress faster?

Get a simple song like Crazy Train and slowly go faster and faster with it.
It helped me by a long shot and i can now play crazy train 4x as fast (not bragging)
Practice bar chords.

Practice song learning- just an easy tab (unless you can read music).. something in your skill range

Then practice a scale. I suggest a pentatonic. or the pentatonics

Divide your practice session into 3 parts.. 10min each.. more or less depending on whats going on-- maybe give more time to the Song you are learning. *play when your watching TV, or to wind down from studying.

Here is what I wrote on another thread.. Its just more indepth on a practice regiment

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Thanks guys. Any tips on helping me progress faster?

Unfortunately the rate of progression is directly proportionate to how much you practice. I would try for a half hour before work and/or a half hour before bed during the week and as much time as you can spare on the weekend for practice.
Well, I was having a hard time practicing. It's not that I didn't have time to do it, but I would get bored sitting down for a while going over the same stuff. Come to find out, my teacher even has the same problem, along with alot of other people. He told me to pick a list of things to go over, do each of them for about 5-10 minutes and then go back over them from the beginning again. For example, say I picked 10 things that I want to work on that day. If I'm doing each thing for 10 minutes, I'll eventually get to an hour and 40 minutes of practicing when I'm done, and then I start from the beginning all over again until I feel I've practiced enough. I've been doing this for only a little while now, but it's helping me alot. Instead of only covering one thing a day, I'm not getting between 5 and 10 different things, and I'm not getting bored practicing any of them because by the time I get bored with it, I move to the next thing.

Doing the same thing trying to learn songs will probably help alot as well accept, depending on the difficulty of the song, you may want to raise the time that you go over things depending on what it is. This excersize is alot like what John Petrucci does, which he explains in his Rock Disciplin DVD. The example he uses is picking 4 things and doing them 30 minutes each to get 2 hours of practicing in.
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Thanks guys. Any tips on helping me progress faster?

Unfortunately, the only way to progress faster is to practice longer and more efficiently.

I am in a similar situation, 3 jobs, wife, 2 children, etc. There will always be reasons why you can't practice and every practice will not always be a sfocused and good as you would like.

As stated above, if you sit down and watch television, have the guitar in your hands and go through your scales, fingerings, some songs, etc. while watching. I find it helps to learn things and develop some muscle memory on some off time.

Think about it this way, if you have 15 minutes to a day to dedicate to practicing, do it. It will be 100% better than not picking up the guitar for those 15 minutes. Any playing will help you advance, not playing will definitely not help you.

Just my $.02
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