Very nice, I especialy like Set Me Free.

You guys sound like folk-metal, which is largely scandinavian, finland is in scandinavia, so... it does sound finnish
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Quote by TheLake
They all sounded like ripoffs to me...

The first riff in Void is straight out of Beneath Dying Skies by Through the Eyes of the Dead
The Virus sounded like Death Unlimited by Norther
And Death's the Price You Pay sounded like Needled 24/7 by Children of Bodom
Endless sounded like Nothing by Norther, like variations on a theme of Nothing with hints of Cry.

Sorry if its discouraging, I know those are your influences, but all that came to mind when I listened were those other songs.

actually, you are not the first to say that about "void" but honestly, it wasn't a ripoff, none of us even listened to tteotd until someone else brought that up. ive looked up the tabs for beneath dyine skies and it is just the same rhythm, not the same notes. i did not write these songs though, it was our guitarist. i kinda agree that virus sounds kinda like death unlimited though, but not too much. i disagree with you about the other two though. Thanks for the comments though!!!
you ****in rock man, but turn up the vocals i love the shredding and all but there isnt alot of balance
great instrumentation. The vocals need to have more volume, but they're pretty good. Sound very Children of Bodomy-like. Which is okay in its own way.
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