Hey Pit. I need some advice. I have a good friend. He and I have been trying to start a band. (Both of us play guiar). But we haven't been able to find good enough musicians to complete it yet. Anyway, I'm not so keen on it because I don't think we have much time to practise our asses off everyday, write originals and compete with other local bands to get a gig, as both of us are planning to move to the United States in a few months, and have a lot of work to do. I have always been thinking of playing easy covers in a bar, just have fun. There's no point in starting an actual band and then split in a few months. (we won't be going to the same city). What i'm looking forward is to play in a bar, earn some cash, earn some experience on stage, then move to new york and start a real band.

Yesterday I meet a friend who plays bass, and one of his friends who plays the drums. This drummer guy knows a bar that could give us a spot. So, we 3 decide to get together some day and jam. Everything's okay, except I don't know if I should include my friend as well. The first reason I hesitate is that both of us play guitar, but I want a single guitar-band, because the stuff I'll be playing is mostly led zep, wolfmother, rhcp, eric clapton, etc. (that's the sort of thing people want here). There's an alternative to this - I can do the vocals, and he can be the guitarist. But then i'm not a very good singer.

Another reason is that he's a jerk sometimes. He's very selfish and egoitistical sometimes. There has been a lot of times he has 'betrayed' me. I know what he would do if he were me. Also, he has sometimes ripped on me for having a **** life for the past 2 years or so. (depression, not moving on from ex girlfriend,etc) while he has two girfriends and is screwing both of them. I'm not jealous of him or anything, but I think he thinks inferiorly of me.

So, should I include him in theis 'band'? Is it wrong to dump him now that I have an opportunity? We don't need him in the band, but he's probably gonna be hurt or something. What should I do?

tl;dr : PM me for tl;dr. Only $9.99 each.
Why do we have to PM you for tl;dr??

Do we need a tl;dr in a tl;dr?

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Why do we have to PM you for tl;dr??

Do we need a tl;dr in a tl;dr?

I'd like a tl;dr, since i'm drunk and can't be assed to read a small wall of text.
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Nah forget him, go for it yourself man!
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does TL;DR include S+H?

just tell him your playing classic covers with only 1 guitar. Not hard?
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I'll be a nice guy and help. Story time!

I had a friend just like that, and i did dump him as a friend as well as in a band leading sense. The guy was a Trivium-fanboy (not to slate Trivium fans, but this guy was annoyingly obsessed with them) who was arrogant beyond belief; saying that he beat up chavs on a daily basis, that he was wanted by everyone to form a band in his school etc. Me and him were in a band; jamming for fun and playing a few gigs.
The guy was an closed-minded nonce, yet, annoyingly enough, everyone loved him because he was a nice, friendly and cool guy. If only they knew the egotistical side of his personality.

After a while it got too much. I opened my mind to other types of music, so left the band. This i do not regret - the band was directionless without me and still is to this day i believe (however he's on a music course and is part of other in-class bands)
I also dumped him as a friend. He became too arrogant and closed-minded for me, and i couldn't see us meeting eye-to-eye for much longer. So i distanced myself from him.

You know what? I regreted it. Despite our growing personality differences, that guy was like a brother to me. He had been my best friend for 5-6 years at that point and me and him shared so many experiences. I spent my adolescent years growing up with this guy - we had a special bond. I threw that away.

So ask yourself TS, is it worth it?
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Thanks a lot, guys. I'm still thinking over it. Will let you know what I decide.